Let It In

Open your eyes and let it in
Under the opaque canopy of the sky,
You will see the evergreen shadows of tall trees
The leopards making its way on the pass.
You will see the crystal like huge glaciers,
The pine spreading its arm to embrace the first snow.

You will see the soaring summit of mountains,
The green pasture crawling to top of the peak.
You will see the river jostling through the rocks,
The canyon reverberating with the flow.
You will see the valley stretching itself,
The Blooming flowers spreading their glow.
You will see the bear cubs at play,
The wild horses as they neigh.
Just open your eyes and let it in,
Absorb yourself in the beauty.
You will see the wonder of nature,
The greatness of its stature.


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Infinities and Realization


This piece of poetry is a work of the author of this blog and is not expected to be regenerated in any form  by any person or organisation for its/their individual profit without proper credits.

An aspiring software engineer, nature lover and a passionate poet

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