This word though very handy at limiting the values in mathematics is very cunning in putting a humans mind at peace.

An average human being has handful of things to ponder on but all he/she does is go over and over those handful until they sit on his/her head like Jupiter in the milky way. Not all that huge I know but enough to disrupt the balance.

Spring and Autumn make no difference now. Summers are as excruciating as Winters. Violence is stagnant and peace endangered. Kids like us today have the beat of best amenities, and yet we insist on having more. Whereas there are kids not on other half of the planet but our half itself who sleep on mud and rags with vacuumed bellies.

The economists will do their job very well I know, I trust them, they will certainly find a measure to measure a country’s citizen’s satisfaction and well being but how does it affect ? GDP will be amended for gods sake.

How much ration would a family with all malnourished children have?

We have known since our Independence that our nation is poor, somebody please tell me are we wealthy or accomplished yet?

It is hard to aim a satyr, it is harder to stick to it. People will have plenty of arguments to refute my statement but deep inside somewhere down the line they know that it actually is the truth and we are doing nothing for it.

There are many infinities to be resolved and many more yet to be explored. Setting a benchmark helps but an infinity is forever and infinity it requires infinite toil and patience. What our nation needs is a Revolution , a massive change of thoughts. Link yourself to the nation via the cords of development and see how you feel!
Enlighten yourself, awaken yourself, your INFINITES make you great.
Help the needy, seek a massive change.

Make the wandered kids realize their infinities and help them grow!



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