Don’t Walk A Mile Just To Stop

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Will you walk a mile and stop?

Life sure must be hard sometimes and people, some of them ofcourse, try to cheer us up. Is it to these obstacles we need to give in or those people we need to work up for? When you are through with a problem, why do you just sit back? Duh! Over at least. Why don’t you make a check that you don’t have to trod on the path that leads to them again? Its not a motivational speech and I am not going to talk about things that are bothering you, rather I am gonna talk about YOU.

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This video by Steve Bartlett is one which could best describe how social media is having the best of us and hence it is a must watch. He has rightly said Social media is making us sick.

This sometimes baffles met that half the people of my age around the globe are suffering from depression. From the age of those bright and ecstatic kaleidoscopes to these mind mazes of electronics, how far have we come. Where are those carefree teenagers, those vibrant youths that once existed. You need to differentiate whether you are being verbal with the technology you’re using or is it muting you? I knew I wanted to relate depression and technology well just in case its not been obvious to you yet.


Whatever is making you suffer was meant to happen but you only suffer as long as you wish to suffer. If that wish to overcome doesn’t comes from within you are in trouble boy! There is a lot of stuff scattered all over the Internet to guide you but then you are too stubborn and you only look at the picture quotes and captions that are immanent. You have to decide how you can help yourself, your mental strength is far more sturdy than you ever expected it to be.

If your life is a notebook then only you are authorized to put a dot on it, if you let someone else write they may write anything, which might not be in concurrence to what you want it to be, nobody can  write on it with  the same zest, passion and interest as you can. In a similar manner it is very important to take a stand for yourself and to be decisive at every point of life.

Its okay to be lost, its okay to be alone, its okay to be hurt, its okay to not be okay but only for a while.

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