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Picture Gallery : There is something about the Himalayas not possessed by the Alps, something unseen and unknown, a charm that pervades every hour spent among them, a mystery intriguing and disturbing. Confronted by them, a man loses his grasp of ordinary things, perceiving himself as immortal, an entity capable of outdistancing all changes, all […]

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Light it for ’em

Mukammal to bairaagi 1 band ghadi ki daastaan bhi din mei 2 baar ho jaati hai…ae meri humnama tu to fir bahut khush hai….dekh usko jiska haath nhi hai aur fir bhi likhne ki tamanna dil mei roo baru kar rha hai….dekh usko jiske paon nhi aur fir bhi daudne ka sapna saja rha hai…dekh […]

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When the curtains would fall, Smoke will be down too, When the clouds would crawl, On the horizon touching the infinity, Smoke may surround too, When life would be an adventure, Don’t forget you always have something better to venture, Today you have billions around you, Tomorrow there may be zillions who astound you , You […]

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No one can put a tag on my capability, and yet there are thousands who make me feel low or discouraged. When I was young I realized people shower love only where they see potentials being unfettered. After a while I met a different lot, my perspective underwent a makeover, I came across the nice […]